“Odyssey: an extended adventurous journey or experience; a spiritual quest for discovery.”

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The above sums up in a nutshell my philosophy of fitness and health. Life is not static; it is filled with change. How we meet those changes head on and embrace them helps define who we are. While this precept is applicable to our lives in general, it has particular application to how we define what it means to be strong, fit and healthy.

As we progress through the decades, we change as persons and our bodies change. It’s unrealistic to think that, on an individual basis, we have the same physical capabilities as we become AARP eligible as we did in our 20’s. (Although I know many “senior citizens” in their 50’s and 60’s that are far fitter and more active than many people in their 20’s!) Instead, our focus should be on how we can be the fittest and healthiest we can be at this point in time, how we can define fitness goals that are relevant to our lives today and how we can achieve them.

My own experience illustrates this well. In high school I played team sports. In college I was a competitive springboard and platform diver. In college and as a young adult I was a competitive martial artist. I was an avid weight lifter and long distance runner. Today, at an age where I am eligible for the “senior citizen” discount at the movies, I still lift weights regularly but have adjusted the weight, sets and repetitions in order to avoid tendon injuries. I’ve added suspension and body weight training to my repertoire of resistance training. I no longer run but instead cycle 150-170 miles a week during the riding season and engage in wattage based indoor cycling in the off-season. And perhaps most importantly, I have added functional movement based exercises to my fitness program to enable me to exercise and engage in daily life activities free from injury and pain.

My fitness goals, needs and desires have changed over time and my fitness programming for myself has evolved to remain relevant, dynamic and appropriate for me. The ability to change and adapt has enabled me to maintain strength, muscle tone, cardio-respiratory capacity and flexibility. It has enabled me to remain strong, healthy, injury free and able to enjoy all of the life activities with friends and family that are important to me.

It is this approach to fitness that I offer my clients. Based on understanding your goals, desires, needs and what is relevant to your lifestyle, I will guide you through a comprehensive individualized program of fitness that will enable you to fully enjoy your life and keep things exciting!

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