Personal Training

Cardio-Respiratory, Muscular Strength and Endurance, and Functional Movement Programs designed to meet your individual fitness and strength goals and needs

Program Details 
  • Muscular Strength and Endurance Training including free weights, weight machines, sandbags, kettlebells, indoor and outdoor body weight training and TRX Suspension training.
  • Functional Movement Training to increase your strength and flexibility, correct postural issues, remediate muscle imbalances and to enhance your ability to engage in sports and daily life activities without injury or pain.
  • Cardio Training on treadmills, indoor cycling, rowing and elliptical machines utilizing individually designed training zones that are appropriate for you.
  • Outdoor cycling training and instruction including cycling skills, techniques and safety is also available.
  • All training is specifically tailored for you based on your current fitness levels, goals, needs and interests.
Personal Training

Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyles Coaching

Development of a Comprehensive Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan to help you lose weight, change your body composition and assist you in achieving and maintaining health and fitness in your life. No “fad” or extreme diets; just good science based coaching to help you achieve and maintain your goals.

Program Details
  • Techniques and coaching for successful long term weight management without fad dieting or treating food as your “enemy”
  • Assessment of body composition and development of realistic and healthy weight management goals
  • Use of published nutritional guidelines and concepts of macro and micro nutrition to assist in meal planning and maintaining nutritional balances to support an active lifestyle
  • The role of exercise and sleep in fitness, health and weight management including techniques for avoiding sleep disruptions
Healthy Lifestyles Coaching

Functional Movement Assessments and Consulting

The ability to move our bodies in natural alignment throughout the kinetic chain is essential to enjoying life activities free from pain and injury 

Our “modern” lifestyle has us spending far too much time sitting at a desk, in our cars or engaged in other sedentary activities that lead to a variety of postural imbalances and muscular and joint compensations. As a result, even those who consider themselves active can end up with a host of aches, pains and limitations in our shoulders, backs and hips as we go about daily life. The inability to move as our bodies are intended can also lead to injuries as we push ourselves to participate in exertion based activities whether it be lifting the groceries out of the trunk or engaging in recreational activities and sports.

Program Details
  • Assessment of postural issues leading to common pains and injuries
  • Assessment of muscle weaknesses, imbalances and compensations that impact on stability and mobility throughout the kinetic chain
  • Core stability and strength assessments
  • Consultation and instruction on appropriate remedial and strengthening exercises to address the results of the assessments and incorporation into a fitness and exercise program
Functional Movement Assessments and Consulting

Outdoor Fitness Fun

Remember how you stayed fit and got your exercise when you were a kid? You played outside! Why should things be any different now?

The outdoor fitness playground at Odyssey Strength and Fitness is waiting for you!

Monkey Bars, Cargo Net, Climbing Ladder, Climbing Rope, Battle Ropes, Pull-Up Bars, Rings and more. Structured body weight workouts, timed obstacle course circuits, individual coaching and small group classes are all available for your fitness enjoyment.

Sessions and classes are scaled to each individual’s skill and fitness level so that you are always assured a fun and safe experience as you enjoy getting fit using and moving your body the way it was intended.

Why workout inside when you can experience the best in functional movement strength and conditioning playing outside? Come rediscover the inner child in you!

Outdoor Fitness Fun


Pricing is based on time expended. The required time will vary based on the scope of topics Client desires to cover and can be scheduled in one or more sessions.*

Pricing*               In-Studio             In-Home

1-person              $60/hour               $75/hour

2-people              $100/hour              $120/hour

*Packages of 10 sessions are available at discounted pricing.  Call or email for more information.


Small Group Outdoor Training/Boot Camps (3-5 persons)

3-5 people           $100/hour


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