TRX Suspension Training – What’s the Buzz?


You may have seen it a your local gym or even heard the catchphrase “All Core, All the Time” but what’s it really all about? Simply put, TRX provides an efficient and effective way to engage in functional movement body weight training using a system of adjustable length straps with handles that will build lean muscle mass, strength and endurance. This highly versatile system of resistance training can be used to meet the needs of beginners, to challenge veteran exercisers and to provide specificity of training for competitive athletes. Infinitely variable resistance, compound movements that engage multiple muscle groups in more than one plane of motion and constant core engagement provide a full body fitness program. that can even incorporate cardio conditioning through fast paced circuit training. And it’s fully portable, packing to a size smaller than a football, and can be mounted with ease on a hotel room door, a tree limb, playground equipment or even to a spare halyard on the foredeck of a sailboat! A great fitness and training tool for in the gym or for when traveling for work or pleasure. Come check it out!


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  1. David Comroe says:

    interesting and looks helpful. i have some lower back issues. can it be useful to me?

    • MIchael says:

      Absolutely, David. The great thing about TRX is the ease with which the intensity of an exercise program can be controlled through proper exercise selection and application of basic principles that control resistance levels. And because TRX engages the core with each movement and exercise, you will be working to strengthen the muscles that support your lumbar and other postural regions. With proper program design and instruction, you will be able to safely and effectively use TRX.

  2. West says:

    I recently got into TRX this fall, i really like how i can continually challenge myself by simply adjusting the length and the angle of the push or pull.

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